Tuesday, 11 March 2008


This is the Postgasse some years ago. It still looks almost exactly like this now and the building on the right is now partly the Department for Byzantine and Greek Studies. This semester I'm spending a great deal of my time there and I must say that I'm in love. It's right in the center of the Inner City, more so than the main university building or the campus. You can see the Stephansdom from the windows. You can also see several other churches and the garden of a monastery. My favourite Aida is right around the corner. It's my favourite part of the Inner City in general as it's one of the oldest parts. Let's just say that it makes me so incredibly happy to just walk there!
Today I got up way too late and literally fell into my clothes, then into the subway and then into the lecture room in the building pictures above. It was only an hour of a lecture about the Byzantine empire and Western expansion, but I was pleasantly surprised by the professor, he's got rhetoric skills! As I hadn't had anything to eat and, most importantly, no tea I felt slightly faint though. I more or less stumbled to the Aida and spent the next two hours entertaining myself with texts about Greek historiography. When I walked back to attend another seminar, I almost ran into a man who took a step back, looked me up and down and literally stared at me with his mouth open. The result of hurrying in the morning had been that I chose to wear various (clashing) shades of orange and red. It looked a bit fierce, I suppose.
This is my idea of a really good day, you know. It was warm, too, and I felt more or less comfortable all the time. My seminar was really interesting and Andreas and I talked about philhellenism afterwards. It's good to know another student who is keen on the same (historical) subjects.
Almost finished with A Posthumous Confession as well. It's so scary!

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