Thursday, 27 March 2008


By now Polaroids have almost taken over my room. They're everywhere. Here are three of my favourites. The blue frame is right over my bed next to my pillow. Quinten, David and I are standing on a street in Utrecht, laughing (in David's case) and looking slightly sceptical (Quinten and I) as a random lady was taking our picture. This is my favourite picture right now, the colours are really strong and there are some of the greatest people I now in one of the greatest cities.
Number two is Max and I sitting on the stairs in my house. We were about to go out to the Deerhoof/Final Fantasy concert and had tea before that. Max is one of my oldest and possibly my best friend by now, very much like an additional brother. One of my real brothers took this picture, I like the way I'm grinning whereas May is all cool and stylish.
Number three was taken by Max. That's me sitting in front of the Wilhelminenschloß. There's a another one which is exactly the same, only with Max in it. It's just a really good picture of one of my favourite places on earth. I'm also wearing strong colours and it's warm and nice.

More Polaroids to come!


  1. Dot (maybe this is not your real name)

    i love your blog. you are so thoughtful, and your english is impeccable! did you live in an anglophone country? i get all nostalgic for living in vienna with all your pictures.

  2. bin jetzt mit meinem blog halbwegs zufrieden! ohne dich wär ich gar nicht auf die idee gekommen das selbst zu probieren! ich hab dich auch verlinkt, hoffe das stört dich nicht! ach und ich mag deinen blog so und was du schreibst bzw. wie du schreibst .. ich hoffe es stört dich nicht dass ich das lese.
    also wenn du mal ein buch schreibst dann bitte eines so, über dich und was du gerne hast!