Wednesday, 26 March 2008

caught up in limbo

"The sound techs always say that the sound will be much better when people turn up.
They are right.
It's always so much better when people turn up."

Words of wisdom by Jens Lekman, t-shirt of glory also by Jens Lekman.

The thing I laughed most about today was a passage in an excellent article about perceptions of the Ottoman period: Throughout the 19th century (and before that), the Greeks felt that they had a cultural mission in South Eastern Europe. They thought it was their forte to bring "Western" ideals to the "uncivilized" (former) Ottoman empire. Not funny, so far, and we all knew that before. But then there's the question why none of the other emerging new states felt like doing the same. Well, here's the answer: "The Serbs couldn't fulfill such hopes, especially as in 1807 of all their senators only one was able to read."


  1. your tee is wicked, and Jens Lekmen seems like an intriguing artist - I love his cd artwork too.

  2. wie hast du das gemacht, dass der blog jetzt anders aussieht! sieht gut aus! .. ich will meinen schon seit ewigkeiten ein bissi umstylen!