Thursday, 6 March 2008

Absent friends

Absent friends! Here's to them!
My cold is so disgusting, it makes me cancel all the dates with friends I had planned. I'm a pretty awful friend. Those people up there, I don't even manage to have tea with them because I'm always really busy or tired. Some of them I haven't seen in months. Some of my friends aren't even pictured (simply because I never took a photo of them). It sucks. And those are only people who actually live in the same bloody city!
Sure enough, the one friend of mine who is my match concerning disappearing is the one who I truly miss. I wonder if people are as annoyed with me as I am with him when I don't call back and in general act as if I'm dead. Well, it'd be really boring if it was simple, wouldn't it?
When I'm old, I want to remember my younger years like this, friendship-wise:
"Ja, diverse Getränke! Mein Gemüt setzt zu Freudensprüngen an...prallt aber sofort an die 2,20m hohe Decke meiner Arbeitsstätte...
Aber bald, genau genommen ab Freitagabend, ist auch das nur noch eine Erinnerung und dann würde ich sehr gerne auf dein Angebot zurückkommen."

Those were the days!

I just noticed that those are mostly pictures of girls. Conclusions: One, I'm crap at keeping up with my girl friends excepting Lisi, two, I don't take pictures of my boy friends excepting Max and Kevin.

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