Sunday, 27 January 2008

Clicheed title

I had some good days with good people.

Kevin and I ate crepes and cake on Thursday. It was nice to do something without wanting to tear each other's hair out, and I must say it was quite thought-provoking as well. Once again, lyrics were discussed. I still can't tear myself away from simple but charming things. Here's a nice song that seems to fit the mood around me (as all my friends seem to long for a girlfriend quite desperately right now): The Margarets - Someone Heavenly I'm afraid it's real, proper indiepop once again, but how can I resist that chorus: I know what you need, you need a girlfriend! Someone heavenly! Awesome intertextual twee pop.

Max and I ate more cake that same day and on Friday we went to the theater - the Burgtheater, no less - and watched four hours of Wallenstein. It was great. I want to do that more often. It's always nice to waste time with Max because he's basically the only person in Vienna I can discuss Johnny Marr's jangly guitars and Morrissey's self pity with, but hell, Wallenstein! Schiller! It was such a good production!
I'll put that on my ever expanding list of character traits I wish my imaginary best friend had: Someone to go to the theater with. Actually, someone to go to the cinema with would be a good start.

Anyway, we went for a drink with Max' linguistic friends and I managed to sleep in the next day and was late for work as a result. Once again I think I messed up the conversation with the nice blonde guy working at the information desk. We talk about English literature whenever I come by to get more folders and I always walk away feeling as if I had let go of a constant stream of emotional rubbish about how much I adore E.M. Forster.

There's a storm going on. I hugely enjoyed myself lying in bed last night and listening to Mozart and the wind howling and rattling.

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