Friday, 28 December 2007

"simply knowing you exist ain't good enough for me"

My leg is killing me. On my way home from the train station I felt horrible, hobbling along slowly. When I looked into the mirror upon arriving home, I looked like I felt.

But what's pain in a leg compared to a day in Salzburg with a rather awesome friend? More on that later. For now, I'd just declare my appreciation for pop music, in this case "We Get On" by Kate Nash. It sums up bitter feelings very nicely, if in a rather simple way: And when I saw you kissing that girl - my heart, it shattered and my eyes - they watered and when I tried to speak I stuttered. And my friends were like "Whatever, you'll find someone better! His eyes are way too close together and we never even liked him from the start. And now he's with that tart, I heard she's done some really nasty stuff down in the park with Michael. He said she's easy and if your guy's with someone who's sleazy then he ain't worth your time cause you deserve a real nice guy." So I proceeded to get drunk and to cry and I locked myself in the toilets the entire night.

I especially like the line about the eyes. And the one about the tart which I can relate to rather too much. The whole song makes me feel as if I was 15 again and humming it in a train, speeding through the dark and feeling all angry and determined and sad didn't really help the jaded serenity I'd like to adopt. I don't even have an opinion on that tramp that you're still seeing!

Anyway. Good pop to listen to on trains. Give me a few days and I'll hate that song.

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