Sunday, 30 December 2007

Good things

I had to work eight hours yesterday, it was quite exhausting and I fell into bed at the end of the day, retreating to the number 1 emergency plan for desperate situations. It worked well, today was quite ok. Max and I watched the skijumping, it was way to exciting, Andreas Kofler crashed again! It's quite sad, really.

But still, skijumping is by far the best thing there is. Except stuff like this:

The museum I work in is actually quite beautiful. And impressive.

Christmas with my family. Love them to bits. My brothers accidentally got matching sweaters. Our efforts to take a proper picture of the four of us failed, obviously. The 24th was a lot of fun, much food was had, all troubles forgotten. So was the 25th. The 26th was crap.

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