Monday, 25 May 2015

to the North


I spend a lot of time on trains. I also spend a lot of time in Kings Cross, and in a way Kings Cross feels more like home than almost everywhere else in London. As soon as I get on a train, as soon as that train pulls out of the station and I'm on my way to "the North", I relax. Even on that overcrowded train last Friday: the air condition wasn't working, people were sitting in the corridor, it was kinda terrible. But hey, the one thing I've learned since living here is that you got to make the most out of being in a confined space for more than an hour. Time to read an entire newspaper. Time to catch up on all those magazine articles. Time to read a book without being interrupted. Time to complete several levels on duolingo (I'm currently learning French and waiting for them to drop Norwegian.)

It's nice to have friends in other places. It's nice to have friends. It's nice to hang out in Edinburgh for four days and do all of these things and more: drink cardamom hot chocolate on 3 out of 4 days; go to the cinema at two in the afternoon; listen to your best friend perform at his choir's concert; walk everywhere; finally buy Sufjan Stevens' last album; talk and talk and talk. It's nice to explore no-longer-abandoned buildings. It's nice.


  1. Duolingo's great isn't it! I'm also learning French.

    Also love Sufjan's latest album - are you seeing him on tour? I'll be at the Manchester date, excited! x

    1. Duolingo is so much fun! And really quite addictive!

      I am seeing him on tour, yes. The London date sold out within the hour and the website crashed, too, so I couldn't get tickets there. Will be seeing him in Brighton though. I'm super excited, I've never seen him live before! x