Tuesday, 26 November 2013

the forest


I'm not quite sure where the idea came from, but a couple of months ago I sent an e-mail to my best (UK-based) friends and mentioned the idea of going away for a weekend. Nothing happened for a while. Then my brother said he'd come along, and in uncommon Austrian efficiency we held a Skype meeting with my best friend during a Wednesday lunch hour and agreed to go to the Forest of Dean.* My brother rented a car, Kevin found a holiday apartment. Konstantin flew in from Vienna, Peter came down to London, Devin took a late night train from Durham, Kevin took the Megabus Gold from Edinburgh, and Lisa and I took the tube after work on Friday. We spent the weekend in a 70s-style apartment near the Forest where we warmed our feet and dried our hair in front of the fire. I slept like a stone and ate baked beans for breakfast for the first time ever. It was lovely.

* location may or may not have been chosen based on the Harry Potter connection

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  1. this sounds amazing!! forest of dean! beans for breakfast! too much awesome! :D