Sunday, 15 September 2013

the dog had my name


More pictures from that perfect weekend in East Sussex/Kent. Quiet weekends away from the crowds are the best. 
I went back to Vienna for a few days for a conference. How odd to be back home, yet working. How odd to meet others who do exactly what I do, but in New York, Ankara, Kairo, Beijing, Rome. How odd to realise that most of us grew up in Austria, left, and now feel oddly conflicted about coming back. 
I was just happy to spend my first and last weekend this summer wearing shorts, cycling, drinking white wine with elderflower syrup or peach punch. The quiet and tranquility of Viennese streets on a Sunday, so at odds with the constant buzz of London.
When I returned I finished reading John Bayley's memoir of Iris Murdoch. Probably too touching to read on the tube.

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