Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Arriving in Hamburg

I went to Hamburg by train. I like going to sleep and waking up in a new town, but this time we were 90 minutes late and I was tired, just wanted to be there already. I wandered to the hotel and into our room, a room that looked like a time capsule from the 50s, with English magazines and Physics papers stacked neatly on a little table. I was too tired to do much exploring, so I just walked over to Tide, a café not far from the hotel, a café that sold driftwood and cake and Franzbrötchen. A good place to read a book and have breakfast. I liked that place a lot, liked that part of town. But what I liked best was leaving the café on that first day, walking to the railway station, waiting for a bit and then returning to the hotel, not alone anymore.

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