Thursday, 7 February 2013


mountains of the mindSalzburg

Last week I had one of those moments when you see everything clearly. They usually pass pretty quickly, but in that particular moment I thought that it was high time I appreciate the country I live in a little more. Growing up in Central Europe it is pretty easy to get used to the architecture, the food, the whole lifestyle. If it's all you know, you just stop seeing the good things. Familiarity breeds - well, not so much contempt, but certainly indifference. So I went to Salzburg on my day off. I arrived in time for a late breakfast and wandered around town. I had been before, obviously, but it had been a while. I've never been in a town with so many wonderful bakeries, a huge bonus, and seeing those mountains made me all emotional, as if I was a model Austrian. Needless to say that I enjoyed myself very much.


  1. aww "do impossible things" you make ordinary things look so special:)

  2. klingt toll. warst du allein unterwegs? hat sicher zur emotionalität noch beigetragen.
    ich hab immer so ein heimweh nach den bergen und tälern, obwohl ich nicht direkt in der nähe von bergen ausgewachsen bin - komisch.
    im gegensatz dazu hat meine oma panische angst vor bergen und bekommt beklemmungsgefühle, wenn sie welche sieht - hehe. so unterschiedlich die geschmäcker.