Wednesday, 23 January 2013

remote island

So much snow, but no winter blues so far. Here's why: I'm wearing proper boots and I still walk everywhere at full speed, listening to The Lucksmiths or In Our Time. I get warm, I avoid overheated trains, everyone's happy. 
When I get home I read and read. The Atlas of Remote Islands was a Christmas gift that I really enjoyed, it was full of half-remembered stories about explorers that I must have known once, back when I was a child and interested in explorers like all children. Oh, and writing letters (or lists) helps, too. I guess I quite enjoy this prolonged opportunity to hibernate, to dream of summer and make plans, to curl up in bed and go to sleep early, to come up with new rituals (or just to try new teas).
 Have you seen Jessica's list of books? So good!

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  1. This book sounds wonderful! I have found lots of new things to do in my January so am still feeling the flush of new year opportunities.
    Happy 2013 :)
    Sarah (new follower)