Monday, 30 July 2012


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We were lying in the field and I said,
'Do you remember those summers when it was hot and sunny every day and you didn't feel that you had to leave the house and make the most of a sunny day because you knew that it would be like that for weeks and weeks anyway?'
'No. No, I don't.'

I guess that's English summers for you. These pictures look deceptively summery and sunny, but I was cold in my t-shirts, my cardigan, my jacket and my jeans.
I remember those summers and I miss them terribly. Staying inside and reading. Our white living room with the white curtains drawn. I don't know if I could spend my life in a cold climate.


  1. i feel the same way, its almost stressfull to have a sunny day because you get the feeling you HAVE to go outside (no matter what other plans you had) or you will miss the whole summer, because it feels only a few days long.

  2. what I miss most about these summers, is that feeling of freedom to stay up a as long as you wish and explore places by night and develop dreams haha... I'm getting carried away...

  3. I'm sure it doesn't make you feel any better, but this summer has really been worst for a long time. I can't remember a summer as bad as this for constant bouts of rain. When I was a kid it felt like the summer holidays were vast weeks of sun and warmth, I wore shorts every day as a child over the summer.

    1. Yes, that's what my boyfriend said as well... I'm afraid that this summer has ruined every affection I've ever held for England. It's not just the rain, it's been so cold up here as well. Brrr.