Thursday, 21 June 2012

this week


Whenever I go to the library, I end up looking at books that are of no possible use to me. Sometimes I take them home. Sometimes I find them useful.
This week I'm particularly grateful to my friends here in Durham. This week the little girl that I spend time with twice a week found out that I'll be leaving in September. This week I baked bread for the first time, and my mum texted me during the Sweden vs England game. We both supported Sweden. Ollie bought a new dinner jacket. It was sunny for two days and we had coffee outside, and dinner by the river. We played Jenga. I had an unexpected hour of freedom when I was instructed to wait until the little girl's brother finished a game of tennis, and read a Henry James novel that Peter gave me before he left for Florence. Yesterday I celebrated the longest day of the year by eating an apple and watching the sky turn pink at 10 at night. Two days from now: Italy. A week from now: Vienna.

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  1. sounds and looks like lovely days!
    and that book about the returned gaze of cinema sounds way interesting!