Sunday, 26 February 2012

the sea, the sea

A couple of weeks ago, my landlord gave me the National Trust and English Heritage handbooks. This was just before I left the house to have coffee with Ollie and Devin, and as a result we spent some time considering the many options for excellent daytrips. I've been yearning to see something new lately, so this came at exactly the right moment.
We went to Whitby yesterday on slow trains that felt like trams. It was windy and sunny and lovely, almost disgustingly picturesque. I re-discovered my apprehensive feelings for the ocean and hid my smiles inside my scarf. Is there anything better than the feeling you get when, talking about interesting things with someone you like, you look at the other person and you see a spectacular view behind them?


  1. Have you ever read Bram Stoker's Dracula? Much of that is set in Whitby and looking at a couple of your photos (especially the second to last one) reminds me a lot of scenes from the book! Beautiful.

  2. Whitby <3 four years ago, i was there on daytrip while i was on a school exchange. Had the perfekt moment with some friends at the beach :-) the ones where the time should stop :-) so great.