Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I spent the weekend in Norwich. My friend Meriel and I walked around, went to various bars/cafés, bookshops, a library, the cathedrals and of course to the UEA and its art gallery. It was an excellent weekend, good to be in a city again. My favourite things: the fat cat that we met in a bar; excellent afternoon tea in a particularly twee café; beautiful, beautiful houses.
If only Durham had nice bars and cafés where you get lovely raspberry coconut cake... I like living here, but it gets very, very boring after a while. As long as you have nice friends it's alright, but what if you just want to spend a day on your own because you feel a bit grumpy? That's when I want to go to a café or a gallery.


  1. When are you coming to Nottingham?? :)

  2. hej hej!
    Well the project got kind of canceled (I want to do it again on another time) but I still think doing a small package exchange would be lovely. I have some houses for you if you like them? There is this one drawing I made for school for which I just spent literally hours going through your blog looking at pictures of houses hihi .