Thursday, 23 February 2012

I thought of you again


Yesterday I saw A Dangerous Method. Not a good film, but I had to agree with the lady who I overheard talking to her friend in the bathroom. "I really want to go to Vienna now." It made me think of last summer.
I haven't changed my mind since I wrote this, but my eyes get so bored. They never used to get bored in Vienna even though I spent 75% of my time in places I had seen a thousand times before. I guess I'm starting to realise that I can only really appreciate the aesthetics that I grew up with. Everything else is interesting, but not on an emotional level.


  1. I sympathise. I want my Montréal back even though, alas, we were only together for 9 months. The footbridge in Newcastle that we walked over yesterday reminded me of the most wonderful places.

  2. lovely photographs.

    and there is always something about the place you grew up in. i

  3. great photos! I think my first two are my favourite.