Friday, 25 November 2011

V&A forever

I went to the V&A again.
Whenever I'm in London, I end up going there. Maybe it's because I still find London a little overwhelming, it makes me yearn for something that isn't in flux, something constant. I like the V&A's slightly arbitrary collection, the possibility to get lost in there. This time around I finally made it to the architecture section thanks to a friendly museum attendant who showed me a short cut, and with it a part of the building I hadn't seen before.
I see museums both with the eyes of a visitor and with those of someone who works in them. One thing that I like about the V&A is the way the objects are labelled and described: quite simply, like something you'd read in a children's book on architecture, art, glass. I copied the description of "Homes" into my notebook:

"The home is the most common form of building around the world. Whether housing a large extended family or just one person, all homes are organised around domestic routines and activities. Local traditions affect the ways in which private and public rooms are designed. The size and individuality of our homes may also say something about our social standing."

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