Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Last Tuesday Kevin and I went to Brighton and I took lots of clichéd photos of the promenade. It was a beautiful day and Brighton is of course completely different to Durham, it felt like being on holiday for a day. I don't care much about the sea (forever landlocked), but I fell in love with the architecture. This came as a bit of a suprise because I had been to Brighton several times before so I thought I was used to it. Well, maybe living in another English town has changed my point of view, who knows. It certainly felt much more Southern than it had before, whiter, brighter. In the evening we went to see British Sea Power, the real reason for our trip. They're one of my favourite bands and this is one of my favourite songs. Yes.
The day after, Kevin went back to Brussels. My brother had gone back to Vienna the day before. I had soaked up as much familiarity and ease as possible and went back to Durham.


  1. hello! you should do this now that you live in the UK! I can send you the guidelines if you'd be interested :)

    Caroline (

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  3. thank you for having photographed the basketball playground just for me