Thursday, 22 September 2011

my neighbours


Today I asked my neighbour if he'd like to draw a house for me. I've asked several people to do that because a) I like houses, and b) it's interesting to see what they come up with.
My neighbour has lived in our house all his life, he's now in his eighties. I've lived in our house all my life as well, but I'm only in my twenties! So much has changed since I was little, but his stories are simply incredible.
So I asked him to draw me a house because he's a bit of a painter. He went away, came back with several notebooks and folders and told me to choose whatever I want. There were dozens of drawings of villages and towns. Here's my dream: A room with the walls covered in (framed) pictures of houses, streets, cities. You take the outside to the inside and extend the space of your room to something much bigger. A room with a wall covered with images of interiors might be interesting as well.
(I chose a view of the Danube, two drawings of Rome, and a funny little figure none of us could place.)

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