Monday, 13 June 2011



Today I

1. did what I'm supposed to do which is to study for my final exam. So I read a book about the late Roman empire. This is in fact one of my favourite periods in history - and historiography. We obviously only have a vague idea of what was actually going on, therefore I find it fascinating (and sometimes slightly puzzling) that historians present their version of events with an authority suggesting that they have travelled in time, and not simply studied the limited amount of written and archaeological sources available. To be honest I found Gore Vidal's novel "Julian", presented as an autobiography, just as convincing as biographies of the same emperor by esteemed historians. At least Vidal made clear that it was a novel.
2. listened to this song repeatedly. So good. Headphones on, please, those backing vocals deserve your attention.
3. continued the slow process of decorating our living room. Phew. I'm sitting on my bed surrounded by photographs, trying to choose. Luckily I have radio documentaries and the new Indietracks compilation to keep me company.
4. cycled round the neighbourhood, as usual (I should stop mentioning this! I do it every day!) and realised that one thing I like about it is that it is quite unkempt. I mean, there are gaps between houses where there are bushes and grass and, well, nothing really, and there are old factory buildings and new buildings which are weird and apparently uninhabitated. And then there are parks and churches, obviously, and the train tracks. It doesn't really feel like a city, it doesn't feel like the suburbs either, it's a weird in between thing. The streets were deserted today (bank holiday). Ah, the hymns to my neighbourhood. There's a reason why I still live here, after all, but don't worry, it won't go on forever.


  1. What a beautiful pictures :)
    Your neighbourhood sounds wonderful! I like cycling around here too. Especially because when you first come here you'll think it's the ugliest town you've ever seen, but it's nice to cycle around and discover beautiful houses or amazing patches of grass.

  2. I haven't done the daily cycles 'round the neighborhood in a long while. now I'm inspired to take it up once more

  3. always thought Record Shop was a way too macroscopic hommage to Smiths "There Is a Light..." - but maybe it's not and it's just me, I see hommages to Morrissey everywhere. :)

  4. a 'dream life' post, as always! yesterday we had a holiday as well - i rode to the beach (about 25km return), had coffee, took photos of my friend who is moving away, went to see my parents and my dogs, wrote. (ok, that was pretty good too!)

  5. I love that song, it deserves being listened to on repeat!

  6. Ah Fede, I didn't hear it before but now I can hear nothing BUT the guitar and the bass. You're right, it's eerily similar to "There Is A Light...". Man, that has sort of ruined the song for me. The vocals are still brilliant though.

    Steph - you got to go to a beach, how amazing is that? Your day sounds pretty amazing. I'm a firm believer in appreciating perfectly ordinary stuff, anyway.

  7. lovely! i miss riding my bike. it's just way too hilly around here and ever since i failed my bike test in the 4th grade, i've never trusted myself with anything other than riding on the flattest of surfaces.

  8. "I'm a firm believer in appreciating perfectly ordinary stuff"- oh man, did you copy this from somewhere? if not, you have a great philosophy of life.Through this comment i m reminded again that i m a fan of your blog,

  9. Adnana - I'd never copy anything without stating the source! But obviously that sentiment isn't exactly original - no sentiment ever is though.

    Celine - Noooo you can't ride a bike?! Gah. I failed my bike test as well in 4th grade, but I just... go for it nowadays. Vienna is so incredibly hilly that you can't do anything but cycle recklessly.

  10. I can ride a bike, but I'm rather horrible. I lose all confidence when I have to give a turn signal! Mostly I stick to trails where I don't have to turn! And I live on quite a steep hill, so I always have to walk my bike down to the bottom because I don't trust that I won't just go free-falling down to the bottom.