Saturday, 14 May 2011



I've experienced several particularly beautiful moments lately. I love you, moments.

1. One evening, I was feeling particularly down about everything. Thankfully, my relationship with my best friend has improved dramatically over the last few months and he came to the rescue by a) talking non-stop, and b) saying, "I've got a song for you, especially for you. It's about you. Always remember that." Have you ever listened to "Morning of Our Lives" by Jonathan Richman? If you haven't, do so now. Then maybe you'll understand why I cried and laughed at the same time. It felt incredibly appropriate, and it's honestly the nicest song ever, a feel-good song without being... well, a feel-good song.
2. When I felt particularly glum after leaving the library on what had been a not very successful day, my mum called and asked if I wanted to join the rest of the family at the Heurigen. I cycled there as fast as I could, from the centre of the city to its very edge. The number of trees increased, the number of houses decreased, and the amount of strawberry punch in my stomach reached a satisfactory level. What would have been a dull kind of evening had turned into a lovely one. Timing is everything.
3. The next morning, I walked to the Heurigen again to pick up my bike which I had left chained to a fence. It was t-shirt weather already. Everything was quiet, only elderly people and their dogs were out and about, but the chestnut trees were in bloom and their roots had cracked the concrete so that the streets felt slightly wild and romantic. May truly is the most wonderful month, it makes familiar places seem fresh and new all over again.
4. I took my thesis for a walk in the park and sat down on a bench to introduce it to a place other than the library. The day was almost hot, too hot to sit in the sun. Elderly people, politicians, tourists and school children walked past me, sat down next to me, looked at me and my laptop, looked at their babies. I enjoyed an impromptu conversation with nice German tourists and listened to them debating where to go next, completely confused about Viennese geography. A choir started practising on the big square opposite the park, preparing for a festival a couple of days later. It sounded eery and beautiful. My thesis liked it.


  1. Beauty is everywhere. . .. in the most non cliche way of course!

  2. Love Jonathan Richman, this video never fails to cheer me up either, his dancing is so sweet!

  3. what a nice song for someone to associate with you! i shudder to think what songs remind my friends of me! :)