Saturday, 18 December 2010

museale Repräsentation

Dear life, you're a bit like the British Museum which is the fourth thing I liked when I was in London. You're strange and beautiful and scary and filled with odd, amazing things like a rolling ball clock and people walk in and out and are clueless. If only it was possible to put all of life's experiences into chronological order with neat labels attached to them.


  1. Au contraire, mamzelle: one of the better metaphors for life that I've seen lately.

    Especially the people wandering in and out, clueless.
    (Perhaps add: and saying really stupid things about the exhibits, and then reading the little labels on the exhibits and realising how stupid they'd been, and then backing off sheepishly...)

  2. I LOVE this post. It's not a crappy metaphor at all :)

  3. Came thanks to Andrea's link post and I loved this metaphor... not crappy, not corny, but true!