Monday, 27 December 2010

more stuff that I liked

I went to the National Portrait Gallery for the first time. I had wanted to go before, but I always ended up in the National Gallery instead. Well, this time around I actually found the right door and you have no idea how happy that made me. You see, what I like best about museums is how objects are arranged which is pretty stupid because it means that I don't really concentrate on the object but on its representation. There's probably some deeper meaning to this. Or maybe that just happens to anyone who works in museums?
Anyway. I walked past some regular 19th century portraits and thought, "Nice, nice, beards, more beards, sideburns, soldiers, uhuh, interesting, hmm." Then I stepped into the 20th century gallery and thought, "!!!!!"
I even did something that I never ever do (because I'm not a tourist rushing through the Louvre), I took a picture of one single portrait because I liked it so much.

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  1. those are fantastic!! i love museums so much