Wednesday, 17 November 2010

oh boy

That's it. Any further questions? Any answers? Anyone else who thinks Jonathan Dimbleby is a hero? Anyone else who thinks old couples are much cuter than young couples? Anyone else excited about watching Harry Potter soon? As you can see, I'm back to rambling and randomness already - it's not exactly surprising that I love this project with all my heart.


  1. Harry Potter!!! Harry Potter.

    I’m with you re: the couples. It’s easy to be a young couple, if you have, no particular standards, which is true of most people, I’m afraid. Love should be a little bit about perseverance and not just fulfilling your own needs and desires, so that’s why old couples are more fascinating.

  2. Exactly. (I'm feeling old myself.)

    Do you wanna watch Harry Potter together? Tomorrow?

  3. great blog! and i love old couples! especially where they have begun to look so similar after all those years..

  4. thank you so much for sharing over the last 30 days!

  5. Love the website! I love google maps & earth and anything related actually :)
    Anyway, I've got a question, could you make a list (the bigger the better) of your favourite writers and/or novels? You seem to have a similar taste to mine, and I'm looking for stuff to keep my mind busy with fiction.
    Also, your blog is brilliant, I've read everything, and it's really nice.