Thursday, 11 November 2010

I want to live in this house

Day 25 – A first

When I went to Britain for the first time, I was about seven years old. My mum and I went on holiday together. What I remember most of all is the food - apple pastries and vinegar crisps, the reason why I hate crisps to this day. I remember the trains and the buses and playing golf and the suburbs of London. There was a proper maze somewhere as well, though I can't remember where that might have been. It all felt very strange, quite different from the other places I had been to.
I've been back so many times and could never make up my mind whether I like it or hate it. Right now, it's all good. We're going to London soon and it's something to look forward to.


  1. you are so cute:) but decide how do you want to do your hair, either long or short. the bangs look like you re still holding on to the hair but i sense that under that hair there s a nice forehead that will make you look so "emma watson" and if you will uncover the forehead i bet your eyes will look nice-but that s just my opinion-just give it a thought:)

  2. hehehe, i m so happy you took my opinion in consideration:) ok, maybe you didn't but i like to think that you did: