Monday, 11 October 2010

hello Brian

Today I ...
...thought I was dressed like a boiled egg
...would like everyone to listen to "What Happened to the Sisterhood?" less than pleased with the Viennese elections


  1. now thats a hard boiled egg i'd love to look like! love the yellow- excellent look!

  2. You look like an amazing boiled egg.

  3. Aaaagghh!!! The Internet speaks to me!!!!

    Still recovering from the shock...

    Yes, you do look very eggy. Like a boiled egg in cross-section, wrapped in something blue. (OK, not the most creative comparison.)

    Amazing tights. Amazing everything, really. Love your work.

    P.S. Today I went shopping and - without meaning it to be so - everything I bought ended up being stripy. Ha.

  4. Here's an attempt to reply to all the comments at once:
    Thanks, thanks, yuss, I Am The Internet And I Am Powerful.