Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Berlin (let there be cake)

Regenbogen über Neukölln

I've had the strangest, most intense time in Berlin - came home in the early hours every night, made new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the company of old friends, did some silly dancing until my head hurt, had awkward private conversations, heard lots of gossip, giggled with Luise. It's probably safe to say that these were five of the strangest days I've had so far. Luise organised a festival and I didn't know anyone else very well, so I guess I was a bit worried that I'd end up standing in a corner on my own. But it's funny how nice and open people can be and I've probably had more fun there than during all the rest of the year (which - seeing as 2010 has been a pretty miserable year so far - isn't much of a feat).

Allo Darlin' (my favourite band of the festival) put it nicely:
I really love my new friends. I feel I've known them a long while.

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