Friday, 27 August 2010

last week


Nikolaus and I in front of our favourite Heurigen - or rather, the house where the owners live. Wikipedia has this explanation about what a Heurigen is:
Heuriger[1] (German pronunciation: [ˈhɔʏʁɪɡɐ]; Austro-Bavarian: (pl.) Heiriga, Heiricha) is the name given to those Eastern-Austrian wine-taverns, where wine-growers serve the most recent year's wine and where patrons can experience Gemütlichkeit. They need a special licence. Heurig means this year's (as an adjective) in Swiss and Austrian German; thus, a Heuriger.


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  1. Das is der feudalste Heurige den ich je gesehn hab! :) Aber bei uns am Land schaut das natürlich ganz anders aus ...