Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I've got pictures of you (in your outerwear)

on a bus


The best thing about Indietracks this year: unexpected companions. Right at the beginning everyone went to Sainsbury's and bought very sensible amounts of cereals and milk and cider, plus children's cutlery and crockery, thus ensuring domestic bliss in our tiny camp. One day later I stood on a hill next to these companions, Ballboy was playing and I felt so happy I thought I'd burst, but instead I just grinned and hugged Luise. We danced and danced at indiepop discos and I realised it's quite easy to forget anything else if only there are other people who make you do just that.
It's keeps surprising me that people are, sometimes, some of them, so incredibly nice.


  1. Ich mag das Busbild besonders! Ich fand unser Gruppengefüge auch wunderbar, es war so schön!

  2. I adore photo number three. Where was it taken?

    You guys look such a friendly bunch. And just a little like you are in an indie version of an enid blyton book.

  3. Haha Luise wir sind die fünf Freunde, nur ohne Hund!

    Eleanor, it was taken at Indietracks when we were unsuccessfully trying to watch and listen to a concert inside the chapel.