Friday, 28 May 2010

here's to you

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So right now I'm collecting other people's lists of things that make them happy while at the same time trying to come up with my own. It's proving rather difficult right now, to be honest, so I'm dedicating this post to those four persons who never fail to cheer me up. Here are some things they do that make me happy.
1. Konstantin has recently decided to teach himself how to play the Mondscheinsonate. He's pretty good by now and it's lovely to hear someone play the piano again.
2. Georg was invited to Oxford to hold a guest lecture. His stories about how Potteresque it was to eat dinner with the other professors at Christ Church college (on a little stage in front of the students) reminded me of how much I love academic culture.
3. Regina and I went to Budapest over the weekend. We drank cocktails, tried (and failed) to pronounce Hungarian names, ate the best sushi ever and walked through streets that looked a lot like the district we live in.
4. Nikolaus, his best friend Severin and I went to another football match today. They told me about their classmates and I laughed so hard my belly hurt. He has also admitted to a shared love of Pains of Being Pure At Heart - there's nothing greater than sitting in a car and listening to "Young Adult Friction".


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