Thursday, 18 February 2010



Random things: Cat is cutting out pictures from old encyclopedias at the moment which is a pretty awesome job. I've been working a lot and watching the Olympics a lot, I've also read the last Hollinghurst novel I didn't know already. It was so good, why do some authors just get it right every time? The children at the museum have been telling me that 1) I am skinny and have lost all my baby fat, 2) I look like a man because I have short hair. I pretended that a 10-year-old who looked exactly like Draco Malfoy had killed me when he showed me his jiujitsu moves, falling to the floor and all. The older I get the more I realise that I've a penchant for drama, unfortunately the kind that kids appreciate and grown-ups just don't get. (I got called a drama queen the other day, and also a fashion victim which actually really hurt. A bit.) Yesterday I woke up to a cup of tea and vegetable curry which was the best thing ever. Winter sports are also pretty great, what's cooler than watching biathlon or random things like ice skating in the middle of the night?
Proenza Schouler's F/W 10/11 show made me pretty happy. You can watch it here. We watched a documentary about them on arte a couple of weeks ago, it was great and really made me appreciate how clothes are made, how much attention goes into little details. I keep having discussions about that sordid subject, "is fashion art?", and sure, it doesn't have to be, especially not in the jeans and t-shirts and H&M dresses wasteland I live in, and I could care less about what's this season's must have, but it ain't easy to make a dress, and it's even harder to think of something that actually looks good, or interesting. I know I couldn't do it and I admire everyone who can.


  1. "Fashion victim"... Pah! Other people's pessimism is not appreciated! I have followed your blod pretty avidly for the last year and a half (or so) and I have been continually impressed by your interesting use of colour and your androgynous come super girly look. You should be on a Belle & Sebastian album cover. However, I'm not sure what the filter colour would be, violet perhaps? That hasn't been used yet.

  2. Looks like a fun thing to do, cutting out pictures of encyclopedias that is! And about fashion being art.. I had a discussion the other day with a person who wouldn't admit it to be true - but I mean, all those haute couture dresses should be counted as an art-form with all the hard work put in to them. And with the recent death of Alexander McQueen, got me wondering if most of the designers are tortured souls, like most wellknown painters? They work hard all their life to get some kind of recognition, and most actually fail while trying.