Tuesday, 26 January 2010

wearable tents

big coats are the best kind of coats

This one is a "real" winter, meaning that it's been freezing for weeks and weeks now. Honestly, I forgot my hat the other night and my scalp actually hurt because it was so cold. Who knows how much longer we'll get to enjoy cold winters though, I've been watching interviews with Austrian climate experts and they're quite pessimistic. Thinking about future rainy, +5°C winters is pretty depressing, I do prefer the snow and cold. Then again I've finally got winter coat that really keeps me warm, I found it in one of our wardrobe's and it turned out to be a hand-me-down of my neighbour's, it's supposed to be a man's jacket I think. Well, it's a short coat when I wear it and it feels as if I was wearing a massive cosy tent. Awesome.Zentriert


  1. nice. aber du gehörst zu dieser sorte leute, die in allem was sie anziehen gut aussehen (;
    also ruhig weiter so!

    an dieser stelle: schöner blog, ganz begeistert alle seiten davon durchgewälzt & ein bisschen in die bilder verguckt. falls ich es überlesen habe: mit welcher kamera sind die geschossen?

    lieben gruß aus deutschland,

  2. Vielen Dank! Ich hab lachen müssen, als ich deine Frage nach meiner Kamera gelesen habe, das ist nämlich eine Konica Minolta, über die ich mich immer wieder aufrege...

  3. short hair and cold is awful! i cut my hair real short last november and boy was i cold - i knit myself like 4 hats in a month.
    this is really cute though, i love your shoes.