Tuesday, 1 December 2009

mothers and daughters

Zentrierthello there

It was my mother's birthday yesterday. Unfortunately, I only returned from Edinburgh in the evening, so didn't get the chance to celebrate properly. As everbody who has met me can confirm, my family means everything to me. (I don't care if that makes me uncool, you probably have guessed by now that I'm not a leather-wearing, chain-smoking, minimal-techno-loving loner...) Anyway, my mother has taught me to love books, brightly coloured and patterned tights, feminism and Hugh Grant. Even if she weren't my mum, I'd want to know her and be friends with her. Happy belated birthday, you're great.


  1. hi Dot, I'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I really like reading your thoughts on Vienna, it's somewhere I'd like to visit. And I think we like similar music!
    This post about your mother is very sweet, it makes me miss my mum.

  2. i want to be friends with your mother too, oh!