Thursday, 10 December 2009


19. November

honey wants possession of my heart
wants to know the secret of my dreams
doesn't understand my treachery
i know i'll love him forever
or until i find another boy

honey wants the sole keys to my love
wants to know the reasons
why i'm feeling blue
doesn't understand me when i say
i love him everyday
or at least until this feeling goes away

honey holds his breath
and waits to see me
can't trust me when his back is turned
he locks the door, i steal the key
but honey knows
i never lie and i'll be his
until this feeling dies


I didn't know much about the Marine Girls other than that they're a favourite band of many of my favourite bands, one of those short-lived 80s indie bands. I'm so happy I grabbed their album(s) on impulse when I found it in a record shop in Edinburgh because they're like Young Marble Giants if they had been all-female and in love with melodies, or like an 80s version of Liechtenstein. Yum.

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