Friday, 20 November 2009

food that I wish I had in my life on a daily basis


Oh, food. I just love cakes, or the perfect boiled egg. I love a proper Austrian breakfast - rolls, jam, tea, a croissant, that egg. However, I've had to keep a food diary for an oncoming project at work and it seems that about 80% of my diet consists of apples and bread with apricot jam, not of cake which is a bit of a shame, though slightly healthier. Mmm, lovely whole-wheat bread, how I shall miss you once I move to another country where you don't exist!

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  1. This post is just filled with the most scrumptious and lovely things. I, too, would like a boiled egg, please.

    Thanks for your tips and suggestions on the whole vegetarian issue! I've decided to just reduce my meat and fish intake for now, as I feel that that makes a slight difference as well. And I have seen Our Daily Bread! My ex-boyfriend had shown it to me and we were both horrified. We were unsure of where the movie was from so thanks for that, Dot! I didn't know Austria was so big on organic food; an interesting tidbit.