Friday, 9 October 2009

Stockholm: Part 2.

A father played with his kid in this little garden. There were lanterns in that tree. Such an idyll! A faux-working-class idyll!


Our boat obviously wasn't the only one. There were lots and lots of houseboats on the island we lived on (/next to?).

thielska galleriet
On my last day in Stockholm, we visited the Thiel Gallery because I was desperate to see 1. the building itself and 2. some Carl Larsson paintings, seeing as I'm a bit obsessed with him. The gallery is located at the farthest end of Djurgarden, but the weather was lovely, the island was deserted and the forest very green and quiet.

On our way back we stopped at a wonderful café/bakery. It's in between apple trees and flower gardens. The cakes and tea are kept in the glass houses. If I lived in Stockholm, I'd spend all of my time there.

Though if it rained, I'd probably go to Sturekatten, a bakery where old ladies, respectable business types and newspaper-reading gentlemen come to eat cake. It was so good, we had to go there a second time. Like a café in Vienna really, only smaller and more like a forgotten living room. I wish I could move it here, but for now I'm working on creating the exact same atmosphere myself.

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  1. omg absolut perfekt!
    ich will stockholm auch im sommer kennenlernen... <3