Saturday, 3 October 2009

Stockholm. Part 1.

Stockholm! We had to get up at 4 in the morning to catch our flight, so by the time we had arrived we were giddy with sleep. Kevin's facial expression sums up our moods. We walked round Gamla Stan i.e. the old city centre, ate great spinach and salmon pie and tried not to fall asleep until we could get into our rooms at the hostel.
on board
We stayed on a ship that had been turned into a youth hostel! Arrr! That was quite brilliant, even though it sometimes made me feel a little dizzy.
a ship or two
We walked around all the time, the weather was far too nice to use public transport - way nicer than the grey skies above would suggest. I wish I'd had a bike though, everyone was cycling and talking on the phone at the same time.
easy to love
Falling asleep in public places.
The old parts of Södermalm are so picturesque, it's almost ridiculous.
afternoon tea
The best thing about the city might have been the cafés. We basically walked from one café to the next, visiting book/music/vintage shops and eating cinnamon buns in between. We had afternoon tea at the Classic Tea Room in Vasastan which looked like Laura Ashley might have supplied it with furniture and wallpaper. It was so good, I could have cried. Lemon curd and three different kinds of sandwiches? Yum!
We also went to a church or two. I talked to a man who worked there and we had a sort of awkward conversation about the neo-baroque style of the church which began with the wonderful question, "So, you're from Austria? You're not Protestants though, are you? You're Catholics?" As if it was something to be secretly ashamed of...

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