Saturday, 4 July 2009

"you come from a family who can afford to be eccentric"

I've got a huge crush on Cats on Fire and you should have one, too. Yesterday I finally managed to find their second album and it's just so great, perfect, perfect indiepop.

And how great is the typeface they used? I already liked their first album a lot, but this one is even better. My favourite song so far is "Fabric". Listen listen!! "Not another one, not another one, no longer out for another one, no longer after someone new." The guitar rhythms on this one are really great.
If you are still in doubt, then just look at these videos. It's quite obvious why they are a band one has a crush on, they are just way too perfect in that Scandinavian way.

"Tears in a Cup" from the new album. They are travelling.

"Letters from a Voyage to Sweden", played live on a street in Stockholm.

"Draw in the Reins". There are bikes and forests in this one and it's incredibly twee. I like it.

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