Thursday, 9 July 2009

once again!


My brother looks so tall compared to me! I swear I'm not that tiny! He also isn't able to use my camera properly, or maybe his hands are just really shaky. We're on our own right now as my mother is somewhere in a hut in the mountains and my brother is doing work experience in a hospital as part of his study. This means that there are random parties and everything is extremely laid-back.

Anyway, I got tagged by Diane!

1. What is your current obsession?
Well, my upcoming trip to Berlin/Scotland/various festivals/London is all I can think about right now as I still can't quite believe that it all worked out. I keep writing down things I want to do, things I have to take with me etc.

2. What is your weirdest obsession?
My boyfriend's hair? Honestly, I have no clue, all of my obsessions seem perfectly normal to me, even though they might seem strange to others. For example, I get really excited about the Ottomans and only yesterday I was in a museum, giggling hysterically about drawings an Austrian made of "the Turks" in the 18th century, murmuring "Orientalism ftw!" to myself. But that's not weird, that's actually quite normal. Okay, I found something weird. There's a facebook group called "The "GOLD MAN" Ruined My Life" which is about the gold person in Franz Ferdinand's "No You Girls" video. I'm a member of that group. You see, Franz Ferdinand fans are simply weird. And obsessed.
Oh, and right now I'm obsessed with making fun of Twilight. But everyone should do that, so I consider that normal as well.

3. What do you see outside your window?
Trees, cars, a locksmith, houses. When I was little, we watched the big, newish one being built. I actually know all of the people in the flats directly opposite which is lucky because otherwise, strangers would get a pretty good glimpse at my life. I keep forgetting to pull the curtains.

4. What is your favorite color?

5. What is your weakness?
People. And black tea.

6. What animal would you be?
Eh, I don't know, I hate questions like these. I'm not a big fan of animals anyway. I like sheep, but I'd hate to be one.

7. What would you like to learn how to do?
I'd like to play the melodica. And I'd like to learn how to deal with primary sources correctly. It's tough. Oh, and baking cake. Simply can't do it.

8. What do you want to never happen in life?
My brothers' and parents' premature death.

9. What is on your bedside table?
I don't have a bedside table! I do have a wooden oven which I used to play with as a child. There's a lamp, a mirror, a small lighthouse, "Sound Bites" by Alex Kapranos and glue on it.

10. What's the last thing you bought?
The latest Cats on Fire album, "Our Temperance Movement", and the God Help The Girl album. Both are incredibly good. And some face cream.

11. What do you think about the person who tagged you?
That would be Diane whose blog is one of my top five favourites because... um, I don't know! There's good music and great clothes and it's quite real and not as empty as most blogs. I still owe you that mix! Ugh I'm so bad at socialising on the internet. (And in real life, no worries.)

12. What was your favorite children's book?
Astrid Lindgren's books, and Tonke Dragt's "De brief voor de koning":

I read that one and the sequel at least ten times, it's about a boy who is about to be knighted when he suddenly finds himself on a mission to deliver a letter to the king of another country. I had found that book at the library where I used to spend a lot of time as a child. It's one of those books which, eventually, my brothers and even my mother read as well. A couple of years ago I told my friend Quinten about it because it was the only Dutch book I had ever read and he found an old copy at his parents' place. It had been given to his brother when he was little I think. That copy is wonderful, the drawings are so pretty and it's great to try and read it in Dutch, understanding a little, but not everything. It makes me want to learn the language. (As if I didn't want to do that already.)

13. Who do you want to meet in person?
Alex Kapranos obviously, the only popstar who I imagine would be interesting to talk to. I imagine his Greek is on a par with mine which would be fun. Apart from that, I'd like to meet a lot of dead people, Homer most of all because then the silly debate about his person (was he a man? a woman? a eunuch?) would finally be over and done with. I'd also really like to meet Maria Todorova, simply because she wrote an incredibly influental book about how the Balkans are perceived in the "Western" world and I'd like to ask her some questions.

14. What did you want to be as a child?
I wanted to be an author. Always.

15. What did you dream about last night?
I can't remember.

16. Which do you prefer, day or night?
Day. I need light. Mornings, breakfast, sunshine, people who are awake and sober. Night activities are scary. Why talk all night if you can talk all day?

17. What's your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
My blue dress. It's comfortable and feels like home. I almost didn't buy it, but Kevin convinced me. Other than that, I need to wear a stripey shirt at least once a week.

18. What's your plan for tomorrow?
I need to run some errands as it's the last day before going on that epic trip. Need to buy wine as a present for the people we're staying with. Need to buy food. Find that tent. Stuff all my clothes into a huge backpack. Talk to one of my professors about an essay.

my favourite place

Have a farewell-tea in my favourite café. Watch Brideshead Revisited with a friend from uni. That's about it.

19. What would you like to get your hands on right now?
That new Arctic Monkeys album to be honest. The concert really got me hooked.
(If I'm honest/cheesy, the first thing I wanted to write was "my boyfriend". Long-distance relationships suck, glad it's over soon.)

20. What is your must-have at the moment?
A bike. Preferably in combination with good music. Cycling downhill really fast and listening to God Help The Girl is exhilarating.

21. What's your favorite tea flavor?
Assam. I'm working hard at becoming a tea expert. (Pretentious old lady y/y??)

22. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
Oslo. Always. I had such a craving to go there today, I would have booked a flight if only I had had a credit card. It's not reasonable, it's not cheap, but I just have to go to Norway this summer, no matter what. Even if it's just for a weekend.



  1. Your outfit is lovely, how tall are you by the way?

    Yes, Oslo! But now we have rain and autumn temperatures. During the heat wave the leaves yellowed, the ensuing storm tore them off the trees and it really feels like the end of September. Typically fickle weather.

  2. I think I'm about 1,70m, maybe a little taller.

    Oh dear, trees without leaves during summer? How depressing!

  3. i hoped to find an email address on your blog so as not to leave you novel as post! i chanced upon your blog some months ago - it has always struck me as especially sincere. i still can't decide which is creepier, writing to a stranger or looking and writing nothing at all? but now i have a request! during grad school i taught beginning german for a couple of years (i studied abroad in germany 2 years), and now i am just starting to student teach in a high school classroom for the first time in order to become credentialed to teach german in the state of california. my first two chapters with a class of 14 year olds is on vienna. while they are relatively intelligent, i think other parts of the world don't seem real enough to them yet. i've been wanting to ask you how you personally would even begin to talk about vienna to a group of young people. what would be the most important things for them to know from your perspective? no worries if you don't have time to respond, just thought i might ask. maybe you never expected much of an audience, but thanks for having us. :)

    erin (