Friday, 3 July 2009

oh lah


Hello! It's the first day of the summer holidays for me!
I had my last exam yesterday. Oral exams always make me nervous and this one was about Cyprus. Lots and lots of dates and proposals and rebels. The professor is one I admire, he always makes me want to do particularly well. I don't always manage. I was actually shaking with nerves. As soon as we had a discussion about the role of the church going it was all fine though. He seemed to be really pleased with everything I said and I left with a huge grin on my face. I get my kicks where I can.

birds on my window

And now I'm free! Free at last! Oh wow. Max and I cooked a weird dinner yesterday, an imitation of the Greatest Burger I've Ever Eaten in Amsterdam. We booked a hostel in Berlin. I fell asleep during "Jules et Jim". Today the first thing to do was finish "At Swin, Two Boys" and crying, of course. Why do great books never have a happy ending? There's always death, in some way or other. I hate finishing books. I miss them so much.
Holidays! What ever shall I do? There's so much freedom! I think I'll just go and ride my bike for a bit, all the rain and university-related stress has kept me from cycling lately.

question everything!

And then I'll read some more and maybe go to a museum and have dinner with my brothers. I'll be grinning with pride because my dad got invited to give a paper at Oxford. I'll be thinking of Dani who is now in London to see Blur play Hyde Park. Oh, the jealousy! (She saw Franz Ferdinand at the airport yesterday too and her updates via texts were the best thing ever: "They are now drinking 4€-coke!" I'll always be a fangirl...)
And I'll be looking forward to going to Berlin in a week, and to meeting The Lucksmiths and other nice people there, and to seeing the pal of me heart again, as it's called in "At Swim, Two Boys". He gave me that badge and I've been wearing it every day, questioning everything.


  1. Congrats to finishing your exams! It's such a wonderful feeling when you know you're done for a little while and you'll be free for the holidays.

    I'll have to pick up "At Swim, Two Boys" sometime this summer. I've been looking for a good book to read, although I dislike endings that involve death as well.

    Btw, I tagged you. You don't have to do it but just wanted to let you know.

    Have you seen the new Bishop Allen video? It's got bunnies:

  2. hee! ich hab auch blur gesehen bzw. gehört, ich war nämlich nur hinter dem zaun - aber das war voll der zufall - ich hab die musik dann sogar bis in mein zimmer im studentenheim gehört! ach london is super! hoffe du hast es schön in berlin!!genieß deine ferien!!