Monday, 1 June 2009




Being part of a whole group of tourists who tended to chatter loudly in churches made me feel incredibly awkward. I now hate awkwardness.
Yesterday my colleague at work gave me nectarine and melon sorbet which was so good that I felt like rolling on the floor with glee. She also made apple cake. Spending a rainy morning working isn't that bad when there's good food and fun company. Other than that I've been reading and listening to music and also talking to my brother and his friends at his party last night which was slightly bizarre. We made a great tomato-aubergine pesto today which in turn made me remember that brilliant burger with aubergines in it which I ate in Amsterdam. Never would have thought of putting aubergines in a hamburger! The cool rainy weather right now always takes me back to when I was 18, about to graduate, walking down my street early one morning to have breakfast with a friend. The rain made sounds on the hood of my jacket which I could hear through the sounds in my headphones. It was around that time I got really into Franz Ferdinand. I had downloaded some new demoes the night before and was listening to them for the first time, walking down my street in the rain, and I remember feeling so young and so happy, as if everything was going to start now, with the rain and these songs and the impending graduation. Since that day I've always liked cool, rainy days in summer and I've preferred rain jackets to umbrellas.

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