Tuesday, 2 June 2009

tøff i pyjamas

So I had a bad day. Not enough sleep and paranoid dreams plus having to get up early to help my cousin with her history revision plus finding out that my bank card was broken for some reason just didn't make me feel bright and happy. But then again I also finally got my hair cut (dear friends: breathe a collective sigh, I won't annoy you with requests to cut it for me anymore!), had a good time with my grandmother and started reading a novel which is quite possibly going to be one of my favourites. More on that later.
I've recently fallen in love with De Lillos again which in turn makes me want to learn more Norwegian. It's quite confusing to be on a level when you're able to understand the lyrics of a song, but as soon as they are just talking, you have no clue anymore. But anyways, I really love the above video, it's so terribly 80s and clumsy and such a great song. Not so different from all the other 80s stuff I like really...

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