Thursday, 25 June 2009

my resistance is low

are you?


Three books I've read (and one enthusiastic description): I haven't had much luck with books this year, there had only been a couple spectactular ones until I started reading the novels I bought in the Netherlands. "Giovanni's Room" by James Baldwin and "Jill" by Philip Larkin were both exceptional. It doesn't happen often that I read two great books in a row.
But right now I'm reading the third book I bought. This one I got on a whim, because I liked the title, the cover image and the description. It was the first novel I've ever bought that was written recently, it's only about ten years old, I usually only read novels that have been written at least fifty years ago. It's also the first Irish novel I've read (no Joyce for me yet!). So, basically, I didn't expect much because I didn't know what to expect. But oh, it's such a good read, a book to get lost in really. Haven't had that in ages, I can't even remember the last time I got really into a story. I've been enthusiastic about style or characters or themes, but not stories so much recently. There's a lot of story here, it's about a friendship/love story between two teenagers in Dublin in 1916. Well, that's one aspect at least. And then there's everything else, persons and nationalism and the church and so on. Oh, of course, the title: "At Swim, Two Boys" by Jamie O'Neill. As you can see, I'm no good at describing books, I'm way too enthusiastic and if you'd hear me talk about it, you'd only get random words and "oooh" and lots of gestures. Here's the wikipedia thingie if you're interested. I won't read it, it might spoil it for me.


  1. DER TITEL!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3
    (intertextuality does it for me.)

  2. war echt schön bei euch ... hab mich wie zuhause gefühlt! also die folgenden seiten kann ich durchaus empfehlen:
    -->von der seite rückwerts sind ein paar untypische berlin fotos
    -->ich mag fotos von essen und ihre farben
    --> bloggerin aus london
    --> hab ich erst kürzlich entdeckt, wirkt irgendwie interessant
    freu mich wenn wir uns wieder sehen!!!