Sunday, 7 June 2009

me without you


If you had been here today, you'd have come over in the afternoon after having cast your vote. Or maybe you'd have spent the night here anyway and we'd have spent the morning drinking tea and each of us reading books for university and eating random food. You'd have told me that I was dressed in a funny way and that my hair looked like Morrissey's today and then you'd have laughed. I'd have made (more) tea and we'd have sat on the sofa and waited for the first results to appear on tv while I was painting my nails with the silver nailpolish I got in the Netherlands. My brother and you would probably have talked about weird technical stuff or medicine. Then we'd have complained about Austrian politics and we might have gotten into a fight about communism. I'd probably have dragged you out for a walk in the neighbourhood or to get an icecream or something. I'd have tried to explain South Slavic epics to you and would have amused you with the creative swearwords I learned from all those songs. There would have been more food and more talk and then sleep.

indie pop clothes


  1. hmm shorts & tights stehn dir wunderbar!!
    makes me want to pull you /gaylord

  2. oje du stehst also auf hipster :/ das bin ich nur an sonntagen, wenn mich keiner sieht, da kann ich meine hoffnungen ja dann gleich begraben!

  3. ich bin ja prinzipiell auch dagegen, aber was kann ich dafür wenn du so hot aussiehst!?