Friday, 19 June 2009

here's to the summer holidays

This picture is glorious in so many ways. Let's re-enact it this summer, shall we?
(I'll be Alex James, I already have the hair and the outfit.)
(I lack the cheekbones and, umm, everything else though.)

So as I wrote before, I've been really into pictures lately. I wouldn't call it "photography", just pictures, images, unpretentious, funny, nice things, a glimpse into other people's life blah blah. We heart it is quite addictive, and so is tumblr even though I fail at understanding it, it's its own little universe apparently. (Wtf is "tumblarity"??) Anyway, it's a good place to get rid of all the meaningless pictures I've been taking or saving from the wide realms of the internet. It might also be my downfall though because I'm spending hours just clickling and looking at ridiculous things like fuckyeahtwilightrelatedlulz!. Speaking of ridiculous things, have you seen this poster for the next Harry Potter film? Hint: Ron, Lavender and sad Hermione. I honestly thought it was a fake at first, it's that weird.
The museum I work for is celebrating its 100th birthday these days by not closing for 100 hours. Tonight I'm going to work and try to manage all the crazy families who want to sleep there. Can't wait.


  1. OMGZ wtf is das für ein Poster???? Hermione schaut aus wie etwas aus Twilight. Die anderen wie aus Shrek!

  2. Außerdem Gra & Als @ Brighton Beach ---- MADE MY DAAAAAAY

  3. wahey wahey!!!!
    ja meine erste reaktion war auch is this 4 realzz?? lavender is schirch. wann kommt der film raus?!?!?