Thursday, 11 June 2009

boys in bands make me laugh

Here's a video for you. The quality is hideous, but it involves Bob Hardy "rapping" the Fresh Prince of Bel Air intro which literally made me roll around on my bed with laughter.

Also, here's a conversation about dinosaurs by The Strokes as found here:

Fab: I like the stegosaurus because he was a vegetable-eating motherfucker but he was still a badass.

Nick: I like the pterodactyl just because it starts with a ‘p’

Albert: It starts with a ‘p’? Get the fuck out of here.

Nick: It’s true. ‘Pt’, the first two letters of pterodactyl.

Albert: Shit, that’s a good reason to like it

Fab: Herbivore! That’s the word, not vegetable eating motherfucker.

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