Thursday, 28 May 2009

if there's such a thing as too much beauty, it's when you dance and shake your booty


Things I like:
+ Plenty of cables in Romania.
+ Alex Kapranos thinking about a "Faux Past". "We appreciate the appreciation."
+ Listening to songs that sound like summer, i.e. "There's Always Someone's Birthday" by Erik Halldén. True, he does sound a bit as if he's copying Jens Lekman, but I can't resist trumpets and backing vocals and I think there's a glockenspiel as well! Listening to this while cycling through the inner city is pure joy.
I can see his number on your caller ID, so I politely asked, "Will it ever be me?"
My neighbour gave me a silver tea pot for my name day.
+ Fred Thomas of Saturday Looks Good to Me has a new band whose singer sounds exactly like a young Stuart Murdoch. I'm not kidding, it's insane.


  1. I discovered World Atlas recently too, good stuff! About voices like Stuart Murdoch's, I'm sure you must know Sodastream (, the singer's voice sounds so similar.

  2. Yeah I know them, but forgot about them, thanks for reminding me! Can't wait for the World Atlas EP, I wonder if the songs on myspace are demoes or if they are lo-fi on purpose.

  3. Ich hab mir Worldatlas angehört nachdem ich via myspacestalkgrapevine sah dass du sie geadded hast (das kommt mir immer so sleazy vor!) und war am Anfang nicht sicher ob nicht vielleicht Stuart Murdoch irgendein neues Projekt hat ... sehr BIZARR.
    Ich freu mich schon auf Montag.
    Und ich hab mir grad Wilde angeschaut, den Film mit Stephen Fry. Schon gesehn? Also falls dir wieder mal nach tragischen homoerotischen Liebesgeschichten is ... Juhui!

  4. Mir ist bekanntlich IMMER nach tragischen homoerotischen Liebesgeschichten! Ich hab den Mal in der Nacht im Fernsehen angeschaut, kann mich aber nur noch vage daran erinnern. Jude Law!! Den hab ich super gefunden.