Wednesday, 8 April 2009

send him/her away

"The lyrics are playing with this idea that, you know, when you ... when people end up being in awkward romantic situations or passionate situations where you're aware of other lovers or previous lovers or contemporary lovers, it's often the case that you'll say that you feel no jealousy but it's always a lie, there's always jealousy.
And there's a magnificient book by Iris Murdoch called The Severed Head. When I was reading that I was thinking about some of those ideas. I think most people have felt that though, trying to mask that irrepressible envy, saying, like, "I don't care if...". And also the idea of someone's skin being between the sheets of your lover, like, their other lover's skin. When you sleep you sweat into the sheets and you shed skin and the idea that you go into the bed and between the folds of the sheets would still be the skin of the previous lover and even though you're pretending that you don't care, my god, it drives you crazy with jealousy."


  1. i can sing my very own song about this ...

  2. you bet! sometimes i feel like "turn it on" is about me, even though it's creepy and weird.